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4.7 abdullah A.
Saudi Arabia
07 ספטמבר 2014
jast okay not bad not good
location and location and location onley
I like the hotel becuse the location onley, but the room is so small and okay

4.3 abdullah A.
Saudi Arabia
07 ספטמבר 2014
nice location and okay hotel
just location and location and location
I like the hotel beacuse the location and clean room

10 TAN H.
15 ספטמבר 2014
I llike this hotel about the Nice Room and cleance
Good Location, nicee Room and cleance
Very good

7 Andi M.
05 ינואר 2015
Nice hotel
Nice room

7.7 Robby T.
11 אוגוסט 2014
Boutique hotel in the central of Singapore
Clean room, nice designed room, superb location
It was a pleasant stay, is just that my grandma said the bed is too soft. Overall review on location, room and staffs are great.

8 Martin S.
New Zealand
07 אוגוסט 2014
always comfortable
location, clean, cost ratio
I stay here often and for many years as it is really a good place to stay and highly recommend it, but I was a bit irritated when I found the emergency exits tied locked with string. I voiced my concern and the front desk was even aware of that. Oh what a risky choice they made - made them liable too. But it was promptly removed once I voiced my concern, so that is good. I appreciate the intention, stopping unwanted people entering via the fire exits, but the solution is not by blocking the fire exits becoming unusable. I often check the fire exits wherever I go, its the safety of my loved ones and my own too.

6.3 Kok Y.
11 אוקטובר 2014
kinda ok
good location, many eateries nearby, nice environment
overall is ok except for the bathroom design and bed. A bit too small and the colors dark blue was not comfortable.

6.3 Thanh N.
06 אוגוסט 2014
Good location but the room is too small.

6 Thanh N.
06 אוגוסט 2014
Good location
Good location

7 Chanin T.
14 אוגוסט 2014
Short stay at the heart of Chinatown
It's just OK.