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8 Janeth M.
21 מרץ 2016
Good value for money
The location is very good coz sorounded by 24 hours food/Pharmacy/ hospital/night club etc.

6 Maria L.
09 מרץ 2016
The room need to renovate.
accessible to public transportation, near to other restaurants, near to some malls.
The stay was good and receptionist are friendly and accommodating and accessible to public transportation.The sink of the room need to change, and maybe also the shower, because it takes time to get hot or warm. I can not use the phone from my room to call outside line, even to call locally. There are some unruly teenage bystanders outside the hotel.

6 Laverne B.
09 מרץ 2016
- hot n cold shower wasn't working - aircon didn't work the first 2 hours so we had to ask for help - no place/hooks to hang clothes - no cabinet (just a small table) - lighting was not good. Light was not bright; it was dim inside our room; i couldn't see my reflection clearly in the mirror of the bathroom - the shower was rusty; and water flow was slow that it takes 30mins to finish a quick shower - no strainers in the drainage for both shower area and lavatory - the sink in the lavatory was broken and was painted with white

4.3 Ninna V.
04 מרץ 2016
Gran Prix Hotel
The location is the only good thing about this hotel. It is right beside Robinsons Fuente and other commercial establishments. There is also a convenience store almost across the hotel.
The pictures in Agoda are much nicer than the real condition of the rooms. The rooms are really old and not well maintained. The bathroom smells sooooo bad like it's not properly cleaned and the water suddenly stopped while I was taking a shower. It took a long time before the water supply went back. There were also many ants in the bathroom. The bed had very thin sheets and it was very itchy. The staff are also not very helpful. The bellboy who assisted me to my room did not even offer to help me carry my luggages. He just rode with me in the elevator and pointed me to where my room was. There are other way better places than this in Cebu that are even a bit cheaper.

5.3 Chek C.
21 פברואר 2016
Gran prix review
Location value
Overall rating of 6.8/10. The rooms are old and dark and could use some renovation.

6.4 Jinnepher A.
15 פברואר 2016
Staff were attentive and friendly...
Staff were attentive and friendly...

8 Kathrina B.
16 פברואר 2016
They have a very accommodating staff. Even offered to buy food since it was raining so hard.

5.7 Caren C.
14 פברואר 2016
Ok or less than ok
The location is pretty much the best there is in the hotel. Second would be the how the staffs are accommodating. Third, would be the "free breakfast" but not the breakfast I imagined it would be.
The location of the hotel is the best for me. Me and my friend stayed there for 8 days to attend a congress. Well, the room itself is small and we would always worry about seeing a cockroach around the room, so we always make sure that our luggages are always close. A cockroach would appear out of nowhere! The breakfast is something you would not look forward to. The staffs are accommodating although there is one time that they forgot to clean our room even if we put the sign "please make up room". I would also advise you to bring your own towel. Hot shower's working. Wifi is ok.

5.2 Roberto M.
31 ינואר 2016
they show rooms beautiful...with breakfast....and no breakfast,room very small without nothing,not a chair,not something to hanging your clothes a place for backpackers with price of hotel....good luck for new costumers

8.3 Gaius P.
01 פברואר 2016
Hotel needs a facelift
Location, Location & Location
Been staying in this hotel quite often for the past 3 years. The hotel needs a major renovation. Wifi did not work, room essentials are missing. Toilet was chocked up. And cockroaches were seen. Will not stay here any more.