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טוב מאוד 7.6
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מ-391 סוקרים
  • מצב/ניקיון בית המלון 7.7
  • מתקנים 6.4
  • מיקום 8.6
  • נוחות ותנאי החדר 7.6
  • תפקוד סגל העובדים 7.7
  • תמורה ביחס למחיר 7.4
  • מזון/חדר אוכל 6.7

Jonas A.
02 יוני 2016
no problems

01 יוני 2016
Reasonable rates and convenient for shopping!
We always stayed in this hotel in our Cebu visits as our purpose is almost always shopping and its location from the mall is quite convenient. The food is just okay.

01 יוני 2016
Great location for shopping!
With shopping as our purpose, this hotel is most convenient for us with only a few meters walk to the entrance of the mall. We always stayed in this hotel every time we visited Cebu. Their food is okay and the price is reasonable.

30 מאי 2016
My Stay in Diamond
The location is excellent. you will an accessible transportation.

Jesette G.
29 מאי 2016
Took too long to check in.
We arrived 1 pm and entertained us past 2:30 pm. We waited till 3 pm to get inside the room. The children were very anxious that they kept us waiting.There were only 2 customers who were ahead of us. Very disappointing.

Eugenio G.
13 מאי 2016
Happy with stay
Value for money

Marita P.
22 אפריל 2016
Staff was very good
We book 3 rooms for my family. First night was great it was quite , 2nd night was loud with a bunch of students running around in big groups. Ringing door bells and running away from all 3 rooms in different floors This was about 10:45 pm we finally called the front desk after we told the students to be quiet 20 min earlier. Around 5 am a maid rang the door bell and before I could open the door she was already in the room with toilet paper and handed it to me saying we called and we asked for them, when We Did Not Call. The students prank called them to do that . So the Second night was a nightmare. There phone should show what room called since it was not us. My suggestion to the hotel. They should put all students in one floor away from other none students or they will get prank if you call to complain about them.

Jose M.
22 אפריל 2016
Nice and clean
just beside the mall and consistent service, i always stay here

Foong T.
13 אפריל 2016
Strategic location, awesome wifi and friendly staffs
Suitable for business travellers as the wifi works really well and it is located at a central. I thought the room is a little small for 3 pax but no complaints about just a night of sleep. It is a walk away from the mall where you could literally get everything (food, cinema and shopping).

John B.
06 אפריל 2016
Perfect location but don't deserve four star rating...