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2.7 Gang L.
15 אפריל 2013
nothing, just absolutely nothing
Suitable for Korean customers

8.3 cody M.
23 מרץ 2013
Very relaxing place to start the vacation
Staff, Food, Location
This was a great place to stay for the first night. My wife and I agree that it would've been nice to stay another night but we were island hopping. The staff was very helpful and the breakfast was delicious! I would definitely stay here again

4.3 Youk Y.
דרום קוריאה
20 פברואר 2013
wonderful walking route throug the trees
silent environment, attractive walking route
good hotel and confortable room enough to stay with 2kids 1-2nights would be good enough to stay

6 Zhao Y.
06 ינואר 2013
Good Garden Environment but simple room & service
Garden and bamboo house
We have been stay their for three nights. The Resort Garden is really nice as well as the bamboo house area close to the sea. However, the room is relative simple comparing with its price. What I have to say is their breakfast. They serve it as a set and they never change their menu. You even don't have an option for your breakfast. Everyday the same thing make me really sick of the breakfast at the end. The location is quite and private but a bit far away from Alona beach, 15 minutes drive and there are no restaurant around the hotel, not convenient at all. There are so many other resort in the PangLao with much better price performance than this one.

5.7 Geoffrey D.
ניו זילנד
30 אוקטובר 2012
Bad food bad room bad manager
Friendly staff nice mangrove bridge walk
When we first arrived one of the staff greeted us (who was very nice to us all the time) while the manager ignore our arrival and played on his computer . While we where wait a korean couple arrived and the manager jump up and greeted them straight away even thought the same staff member welcome them also. We notice that when others arrived thought out the week which wher also korean the manager greeted them and always tended to there need not once did he speak to us. This type of racist behaviour to none korean is discussing. The hotel was in poor repair the filipino staff where friend and kind same about the manager. Not Korean you are treat like second class

9.3 bertel B.
07 יוני 2012
unique hotel resort
mangrove woods and three pools
wonderfull place to stay, the rooms are clean and ok in size. the 3 pools are very big and deep. and the mangrove woods with bridges are really fun to walk thorugh and a unique experience. for europeans and americans the place to stay

9.6 JaeMyeong O.
דרום קוריאה
14 מאי 2016
진짜 최고
아로나비치 거리가 좀 있어서 사람도 별로 없어서 리조트 통째로 빌린 기분 ! 현지 매니져도 정말 친절 3년전에도 봤던 매니져 그대로! 특히 맹그로브 숲다리를 지나 넓은 바다와 오두막에서 별보면 진짜 오줌싼다.

7.6 solim K.
דרום קוריאה
15 אפריל 2016
조용하고 서비스도 좋아요

7.3 keumok S.
דרום קוריאה
19 אוגוסט 2015
대나무다리 조용하다 직원들이 친절하고 센스있다
다소 낡은 가구들구성이지만 현지느낌나서 나름 분위기있었고 뱀부브릿지하나믿고 간곳이라 큰불편없이 지냈음

8 keumok S.
דרום קוריאה
16 אוגוסט 2015
조용한분위가 여유롭고 직원들의 친절하고 센스있는 서비스 않되는게없는 서비스 부탁하면 다들어준다 한식이된다는 큰장점 게다가 맛도좋다^^
깨끗하게 정리정돈되었지만 다소 올드한분위기 현지느낌을 많아 느낄수있는곳이다 1박정도는 뱀부브릿지를 거닐며 추억을 만드는것도 좋은것같다