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מצוין 8.7
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  • מצב/ניקיון בית המלון 9.4
  • מתקנים 9.0
  • מיקום 8.5
  • נוחות ותנאי החדר 8.9
  • תפקוד סגל העובדים 9.2
  • תמורה ביחס למחיר 8.3
  • מזון/חדר אוכל 8.0

pedro C.
22 אפריל 2016
very inviting
A very high note for the staff downstairs and the sobriety of the suite, a very welcome change in Macau where most places are absolutely ghastly. Good amenities also strike a good note. The pouch with baby products is a very nice touch. Liked the Iron Buddha and Long Jin tea as well. The pool is very good for proper swimming. One glitch, noticed only when leaving and checking the suite one last time: behind the sofa there were some very ugly plastic tubes whose purpose I ignore. Good thing i didn't see them before. I guess Macau will always be Macau.

Seulgi H.
דרום קוריאה
02 אפריל 2016
Clean and quiet
Liked it as its quiet

Kheok N.
30 מרץ 2016
Enjoyable stay
Clean and convenient, excellent services from staffs

Mun F.
14 מרץ 2016
Great stay!! Great service
We really enjoyed the stay here and it was really great service. Will definitely be back.

potun C.
02 מרץ 2016
Amazing trip
Nice location, will book again

Po T.
הונג קונג
20 פברואר 2016
Fantastic stay
The staff are nice and the room is spacious. Definitely will choose to stay here again next time.

Yosef W.
17 פברואר 2016
Great hotel
Clean, location and the Services was just wonderful

Lam H.
12 פברואר 2016
The staffs are very nice and professional

chan L.
הונג קונג
10 פברואר 2016
Very nice
Nice room nice food nice view nice service

chan L.
הונג קונג
10 פברואר 2016
Very nice
Nice room nice service niece location