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נהדר 8.7
בהתבסס על 7321 חוות דעת

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  • מצב/ניקיון בית המלון 9.2
  • מתקנים 9.1
  • מיקום 8.7
  • נוחות ותנאי החדר 8.9
  • תפקוד סגל העובדים 9.0
  • תמורה ביחס למחיר 8.4
  • מזון/חדר אוכל 8.1

9.6 Ma V.
26 יוני 2016
Everything on it!
A place for the whole family :)

10 Christiani S.
25 יוני 2016
Nice hotel
Nice place, nice swiming pool, very awsome

8.8 PO-SUNG C.
22 יוני 2016
excellent water sport facilities
good service

8.4 Janet Y.
21 יוני 2016
Great sky pool, great location, overall good.

8 Kaman T.
הונג קונג
21 יוני 2016
nice hotel
convenience place, free bus, easy to find meals

7.6 Tan P.
21 יוני 2016
I booked 7 rooms, some got small pillow and some don't have.
Pillow too soft, feel uncomfortable.

10 TEO Y.
21 יוני 2016
Excellent impeccable service by service staff
Excellent service started when we alighted from the complimentary coach from airport. Staff took initiative to approach us, greet and guide us. Will definitely return and stay with galaxy macau.

10 Sukhvir S.
19 יוני 2016
Great hotel
would like to stay again.. perfect

9.6 Henny S.
19 יוני 2016
So nice i think 😍 because galaxy have shuttle bus that can bring us to another hotel, airport, ferry terminal.

9.2 CHUA C.
18 יוני 2016
It was a huge, very happening and beautiful hotel. Wished I stayed longer.
It is located in Taipa. Near Taipa Village and has shuttle to various parts of Macau & the border. Beautiful, clean and comfortable hotel. I won't hesitate staying there again should I visit Macau again.